Self-evaluation Model

Resources for Secondary School LRCs

Need a Key Question

Users who have already completed one or more evaluations and are familiar with the process can use this section to download the information relevant to an individual strand of a key question to be addressed as part of their rolling programme of evaluations.

The information module for each strand includes resources, descriptors and actions for improvement as well as the tools and checklists for recording evidence and the summary sheet listing the relevant indicators.

Users needing to refer to the guidance notes on the self-evaluation process or the gathering of evidence should look at the New User section. If you are looking just for forms and tools, then refer to the Need Tools/Forms section.

You can download Microsoft Word Viewer 97/2000 for viewing and printing "doc" files on early PC systems or those without a recent version of Microsoft Word. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for viewing and printing "pdf" files using almost any system on any type of computer.

Key Question 1: How high are standards?
Strand 1a: Pupils' research and study skills (256k|228k) doc pdf
Strand 1b: Pupils' reading (88k|216k) doc pdf
Strand 1c: Pupils' progress in LRC-based activities (232k|228k) doc pdf
Key Question 2: How well are pupils' attitudes, values and personal qualities developed?
Strand 2a: Pupils' attitudes and behaviour in the LRC (232k|224k) doc pdf
Strand 2b: The LRC's contribution to pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (224k|216k) doc pdf
Key Question 3: How effective are teaching and learning?
Strand 3a: The quality of teaching provided by LRC staff (232k|232k) doc pdf
Strand 3b: Co-operation between LRC staff and teaching staff to ensure effective learning (228k|220k) doc pdf
Strand 3c: Pupils' attitudes towards and progress in LRC-based work (96k|248k) doc pdf
Key Question 4: How well does LRC provision meet pupils' needs?
Strand 4a: Opportunity for enrichment through out-of-hours activities provided by the LRC (252k|320k) doc pdf
Strand 4b: How well the provision of LRC resources meets the needs of the school's pupils and staff (248k|316k) doc pdf
Strand 4c: How well the LRC accommodation allows the curriculum to be taught (248k|312k) doc pdf
Key Question 5: How well are pupils guided and supported?
Strand 5a: The LRC's role in promoting reading for enjoyment (88k|212k) doc pdf
Strand 5b: The LRC role in enhancing pupil learning (84k|212k) doc pdf
Key Question 6: How effectively does the LRC work with parents and the community?
Strand 6: The effectiveness of the LRC's links with parents and the local community (76k|164k) doc pdf
Key Question 7: How well is the LRC led and managed?
Strand 7a: Leadership and management of the LRC and learning resources (220k|168k) doc pdf
Strand 7b: How well the LRC monitors, evaluates and improves its performance (72k|160k) doc pdf
Strand 7c: How well LRC staff are managed (80k|160k) doc pdf