Information Management Associates

A consultancy, training and research team

Other IMA work highlights

  • Assessing the potential for Information and knowledge Management at NICE and Staff consultation on the NICE Intranet for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
  • Improve your library school library self-evaluation models and materials produced for publication by the Department for Education and Skills.
  • Managing Change Toolkit and associated workshop programme for the People’s Network and Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.
  • Mapping of current and potential Initial Teacher Training Provider involvement with Museums, Archives and Libraries report to Re:source (now the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council).
  • Review of Evidence-based museums, archives and libraries work for Re:source
  • Critical evaluation of the LIC Value and Impact Programme for Re:source
  • Review of the benefits of library use in schools (a briefing paper prepared for the Department for Education and Skills)
  • Developing an impact evaluation programme for UK public libraries Best Value and Better Performance in Public Libraries
  • Work for the former Library and Information Commission including the Effective College Library research project (1995 to 1999) (part funded by the then Further Education Development Agency); this project followed on from the Effective School Library project, also funded by the LIC (1991-4)